Don Clarke Enterprises

Don Clarke Enterprises

Don Clarke Enterprises, Inc is related to Asset Based Lending Consultants, Inc. For over 30 years ASSET BASED LENDING CONSULTANTS, INC. has been providing lenders across the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia and the Far East with a STRONG FOUNDATION to enhance their credit decision process.

ABLC has been called upon by the leading lenders in the industry to provide the highest quality FIELD EXAMINATION SERVICES available by an independent firm. Led by Donald Clarke (over 40 years in the industry, 1993 & 2019 CFA Instructor of the year, author and international lecturer on ABL disciplines) along with some 20 plus professionals worldwide.

ABLC prides itself on being the best in the industry. ABLC’s companywide philosophy of ABL disciplines, team concept approach, flexible scheduling and stringent review process has resulted in a customer base of over 60 leading lenders internationally.

On July 4th 1989 ABLC established Asset Based Lending Consultants Ltd. in the U.K. Initially the new company was to cover the United Kingdom and Europe, the company has since extended it’s coverage to include the Far East. Asset Based Lending Consultants now have the distinction of being able to perform services for it’s clients in almost any part of the world.

Don Clarke Enterprises assists companies in the placement of lines of credit for their working capital needs.


Phone Number (954) 962-0099 /  1(800) 861-5711