About The Author

About The Author

Donald F. Clarke, President and Chairman of

Asset Based Lending Consultants, Inc.,

Asset Based Lending Consultants, Ltd. (London, England)


Don Clarke Enterprises, Inc.

1641 N. 71st Terrace

Hollywood, FL 33024

(954) 962-0099


Donald Clarke, President of the ABLC group of companies boasts 36 years in the commercial lending, asset based lending, commercial leasing, quality of earnings certification and continuing education training focusing on corporate lending disciplines for Fortune 500 companies.

Formed in 1988, ABLC with regional offices in Los Angeles, Houston, London, England and Miami is a Corporate Financial Consulting firm with major United States and international banks, private equity firms and institutional investors as its clientele. ABLC provides technical assistance on corporate loans (mostly asset based transactions), in addition to performing quality of earnings certification for private equity firms and institutional investors and in fiscal year ended 2010, and assisted these groups on loans and investments aggregating $6 billion, worldwide. Mr. Clarke is a senior instructor and member of the faculty of Commercial Finance Associate Continuing Education School (CFA) where he teaches all the disciplines such as Underwriting, Financial Statement Analysis, Field Examinations and Introduction to Asset Based Lending. Over the last 20-year period he has taught over 4,000 students nationally and internationally on secured lending disciplines. In 1993 he was presented with the prestigious “Excellence in Education Award” by the CFA.

Mr. Clarke has also conducted seminars extensively in England and Ireland for such major European financial institutions as Lloyds Bank (London), National Westminster Bank (London), Barclays Bank (London), Bank of Ireland (Dublin), RBS (London) and General Electric Capital (London, Delhi, India and Sydney, Australia). These seminars covered asset based lending policies and procedures, with focus on Account Management, Field Examinations, Operations and Risk Management.

He also served on faculty of the Graduate School of Banking at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in 1992.

Mr. Clarke is the author of the first textbook on asset based lending titled “Asset Based Lending Disciplines” which covers the Field Examinations, Operations and Accounts Manager functions and co-published with the CFA in 2006.

Recognized as one of the experts in the field of asset based lending disciplines, Mr. Clarke was interviewed by the Wall Street Journal’s banking correspondent and was quoted in the articles “Lending Woes Stunt Growth of Small Firms”, November 16, 1995 and “Financial Firms Targeting Small Business Are On The Rise”, August 6, 1996.

Mr. Clarke was commissioned by the Environmental Protection Agency (“EPA”) in 1996 to assess the relevance of asset-based financing for small companies attempting to commercialize innovative, environmentally-friendly products.

He was solicited by Robert Morris and Associates to write an article on his field of expertise to be published by the Journal of Commercial Lending. The article titled “The Myth of the Blanket Lien” was read by approximately 50,000 lenders and received national acclaim. Mr. Clarke also received acclaim for the article “The Anatomy of a Fraud” published by The Secured Lender in December 1996.

Mr. Clarke who is a 1972 graduate of the City University of New York worked for Bankers Trust Co. (NY), Bank of New York (NY) and was Vice President, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Credit Officer of Southeast Bank Leasing Company, a subsidiary of Southeast Bank from 1986 to 1988 before establishing the ABLC group of companies.

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