Seminar Reviews

Seminar Reviews

February 2009 Reviews

Did this course meet your expectations?

“Exceeded expectations.” “Outstanding!” “I found the course to be interesting and beneficial. The presentation was entertaining, and all relevant areas were covered in enough detail and clearly explained.”

How do you feel you have benefited from attending this ever be doing differently as a result of attending this seminar?

“Was useful discussing various issues with the rest of the audit team, recapping on fundamental areas, helps motivate staff.” “Benefited as a refresher course, most areas already covered within prior training and through prior working experience. [As an outcome, I will be] targeting and planning audits around findings uncovered on site rather than looking to ‘box-tick’ whole working template.” “Good refresher, some good new ideas which I will learn from. I just hope change will come!” “Re-emphasis of core examination techniques in the field. Attention focused on current market conditions.” “Ownership of issues. Ensuring issues/reserves are clearly highlighted.” “The course helped to bring attention to all the important areas on which to focus, especially in the challenging environment we are in. Outcome of seminar: better linkage of tests.” “Great opportunity to refresh, discuss and communicate experiences.” “[I have benefited from]: topics covered on course; audit team being together, a rare event; enabled discussion, not just pure learning/lecturing.” “Good refresher for myself and also good to see how “best practice” is carried out across the industry. I will absolutely be more vigilant in certain areas covered.” “Lateral thinking. Detail on stock.” “Reinforced current skills and knowledge. Will now be more vigilant.” “[I will be doing] additional testing; cross tying retentions to balance sheet.” “[I will] look at different parts of an audit in a different light.”

Do you have any comments relating to specific sessions that you think the tutor would find helpful for the future progrrams?

“Financial statements – understanding and interpretation” “Difference in terminology sometimes confusing.” “Resolution of points noted. Further training on financial statements.” “All sections were very well complimented with real life case studies. Perhaps more time spent on inventory given that clients are more likely to manipulate this area.” “I found that the stories of examples of frauds, stock losses, etc were particularly good, as they tend to stick in your mind and you are reminded of them when you come across a similar issue that you may have previously overlooked.” “A very enjoyable and refreshing approach to seminars.” “Extra time to review in full detail.” “The whole 3 days have been excellent.”

What about the event as a whole? What do you think could help us to improve future programs?

“Pitched at a good level. Tended to diverge at times but generally very well presented and received.” “This course exceeded all my expectations.” “Overall, an excellent course taught by a very experienced trainer with a wealth of experience in the industry which was apparent throughout the course. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and would recommend it to others.” “Don Clarke is exceptional. I have never had a better tutor. Knowledge? Excellent. Presentation? Excellent. Examples? Excellent!” “I thought the course was very good and uplifting and would hope to definitely attend future events.” “No comments – good enough.” “Excellent – no improvements required.” “I’ve waited 14 years to get on Don’s course. Excellent – the wait was worth it!